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I wonder if you guys remember this hung hottie. Back when was better known for it's previous name (T.S.Z.) we had posted a few videos of this young bi-racial man.

Taj was the name he used on Fratpad now he's known as Hagan.

Well at first I thought that Taj was a straight boy who'd play with toys during his time at Fratpad. Now I came across his other ventures outside of Fratpad and yes they are hot and surprisingly RAW (bareback) gay videos.

You may have already known the other hottie from Fratpad, the black skinned one who went by the name Ty. As you may already know Ty has already crossed over to doing gay videos as well. He's also done work with PowerMen. There will be a separate post on him eventually. Stay tuned.

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Here is a sneak peek picture of only 1 scene of the few scenes you'll find in the "Porn Videos".

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