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A model bitching about being exposed?


So Manzzle seems to be under fire because Manzzle found some pictures on Tumblr of fitness model David Mcintosh that were poorly edited!

Now that Manzzle found the flaw in the images of Mr. Mcintosh, the photogrpaher wants to bitch on our find, saying stuff like he's willing to sue Manzzle because Manzzle is "selling" the images! Mind you the images are from Tumblr and all we've done was blogged about it.

We are not selling and it's available for free viewing on Tumblr and also in the blog post



David Mcintosh 


Below is the email Manzzle received on this matter:


To whom this may concern,

My name is Bryan Taylor Johnson (Fashion Photographer), and I was informed by David Mcintosh (Celebrity Fitness Model) and Maya Guez (Fashion Photographer) that is advertising, editing and selling unauthorized images of David Mcintosh that I photographed. These images were published for the cover story of Exalta Magazine and are owned sole by Bryan Taylor LLC, and are ONLY authorized by my company for sale and purchase--by contract. All Rights Are Reserved by Bryan Taylor LLC and I am requesting for, as well as other affiliations within your company, to cease-and-desist all property and advertisement of David Mcintosh photographed by Bryan Taylor Johnson Photography. This includes online viewing at, associated blogs, Youtube videos and prints.

I am also aware that is responsible for piracy and illegitimate use of Bryan Taylor LLC images by manipulating the photographs of David Mcintosh and gaining unlawful profit without the consent of my company. The discovery of this notion is distasteful, exploitation and illegal. I warrant you twelve (12) hours (1:30pm) of this date (March 13, 2014 at approximately 1:30am) to discard all images of David Mcintosh exposing his genitals as well as advertisements supporting this wrongful promotion or I will enforce a class action suit against Manzzle.

PS. A copy of this letter is BCC to my lawyers and David Mcintosh.

Bryan Taylor Johnson

Bryan Taylor Johnson - .




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