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This week has ended horribly for some. As for we are sad to hear that an old friend has past away out of the clear blue. Maurice Murrell will be always remembered. He was taken away from this earth at such an early age.

Maurice Murrell's death was a big shocker. It reminded me at how precious your time here, alive on Earth, is. Of the short times I spoke with Maurice I will say this, he was an outgoing positive minded person. I was  hoping to one day being able to photograph him.

I remember exchanging pictures with him online one back in 2005 or 2006. He showed me these new pics he had taken with just a pair of white undies on, told me some thing I treasure "Since I like your opinions and insight would you mind telling me what you think of these." Call me cheesy but I never forgot him telling me that. I remember that small comment lite up my day, that someone as beautiful as he would take notice of me. And then he showed me an old pic of him with hair on his head, I loved it. LOL.

I know to some people it may not even matter that this soft spoken, warm smile'd man has passed away but if you can just take a minute or 3 or a whole day to reflect. Sit and think of your past. Have you done enough in your life to satisfy you if in the event your life is cut short? I know the obvious answer for most would be no. But give yourself more credit if your thinking this. You might not know what influence you had on another person. You may have changed someone's life, how ever minor the outcome may be for them.

Here are some of Maurice Murrell's professional pictures:

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