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It's been a while since Manzzle has put out a blog post.

Today's post focuses on a young entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia.


 Vincente watson pic 1

His name is Vincente Watson. He is an interior designer and has his own company doing so.

He appears to be a VERY wealthy guy. Where he get all that money who knows but it's clear he does gamble as he post his winnings on his IG.

By looking at his Instagram you'd think he a prick for being so showy offy type.

But today Manzzle choose to write about his guy for one reason. To put to an end of all the negative ignorant comments I see that this young man gets from the comments posted on his Instagram.


By looking at him and the kinds of things he post folks are questioning his sexuality.

Yes he is gay!


Vincente even made a video of him proposing to Chad, his lover.

(Video Link Below)


Vincente watson chad pic 1

Vincente watson chad pic 2

Vincente watson chad pic 3


Now what? Being gay is nothing new in this age and it's much more accepted than that it was say back in 1846.

The only conclusion that we could come up with as to why so many are shaming him over his questionable sexuality is that these folks are jealous that he is so young and has more money than they do and have to look for something negative to say about him.

SO they attack his sexuality that he does not talk about on his IG. Why should he? It's his business as to who he wants to love.


On a side note - we at think that Vincente and Devon would make a cute couple.

vincente watson devon 4

vincente watson devon 5


A video posted by Vincente Watson (@v_watson) on


A video posted by Vincente Watson (@v_watson) on


Just to put this all to an end because it's 2016. To the straight men and women out there, being gay is nothing wrong. A gay person doesn't have to tell their business to the world if they choose not to. Just as you are entitled to not have to disclose about all the pussy and/or dicks yall be fucking.

The videos below will clearly show that Vincente Watson is indeed a gay man. It's not as thou he was totally hiding that side of himself away from others as he clearly put himself out there on video on YouTube. It's more like what the hell does it matter if he's gay or not. He will still be "paid" more than most of you all.

Click on the images below to view the video.


Signs of Fake Friends - Vinny & Chad.

vincente watson chad 1


Freakiest Place To Have Sex  Vinny & Chad.

vincente watson chad 2


Vinny and Chad "The Proposal".

vincente watson chad 3


Also allow Manzzle to add, Mr. Watson clearly has a good heart, he gives back to his community. He has his sister take time to go out into the streets of Atlanta and hand out money and food to the homeless. They even put together a back to school supply drive for the less fortunate.

It's nice and all to have the kind of money he has but to us at we find it pleasing that there are young self supplying folks out there that do give back physically in person.


•Feeding the homeless with the family• ❤️????????♠️ #turnUP #ATL

A video posted by Vincente Watson (@v_watson) on


SO now that we are telling you and showing you that he is gay, how else are you going to now try to make him look bad?


Below you will find some screen grabs of some of the comments we are talking about.

Click images to view Instagram post.

 vincente watson devon 1

vincente watson devon 2

vincente watson devon 3

In these LA streets like .....❤️♋️♠️ w @lifewithdeven

A video posted by Vincente Watson (@v_watson) on


Click image below to view uncensored.

vincente watson exposed A


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