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Update 12/12/2016:

Around December 8, 2016 his IG is back, should we be geared up again to see more of him?





As of November 15, 2016 TheFackelmayer has deleted his presence on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and has deleted his connectpal, (alleged hacked) and made his Twitter private. His Boyfriend also did the same, well at least his content was public and now Ty's content is private. Guess they running. A non guilty person wouldn't just up and delete EVERYTHING.

Fack, we think in order to save face, apologize if this is real and give back the money or actually give the folks what they paid for before someone puts everything together and hires a lawyer. Yes, they're are fans out there that would actually take the time to go legal in order to make themselves heard. We've been thru that a few times at


Well well, some tea has been spilled on the man that went by TheFackelmayer in the past week.





Screen Shot 2016 11 13 at 8.35.40 AM

 tumblr ntcuibPcsD1srnz89o1 1280


Besides him finally having a "Gay" fuck video out, which he finally outed himself, we also came past some other news that happened just a day after allegedly started to sell the fuck video to his connectpal subscribers.


Click Image to view the "Preview".

(Sorry, but until he actually sells his stuff we won't get the full video, unless you are lucky and have it, share it with us, contact us Please.)


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If your wondering who the alleged boyfriend is, Ty Nock.





Same bathroom pics show it's really them.

Screen Shot 2016 11 13 at 8.45.52 AM

tumblr ofwu9hjRTJ1vrc3e5o1 1280


The Internets is saying his real name is Jason Braves Fuller, or you may know him from our prior blog post as "Pete" of Sean Cody where we exposed him for photo-shopping his dick extremely.




The drama now goes on as that these videos that Fack was selling to folks was a way to fraud folks into sending him money and never getting what they paid for.

We were skeptical of paying for the content ourselves after reading the below tumblr account on Fack.

We finally choose to write this blog post to expose him for what we are witnessing.

So, after being brought to light that he was "scamming" folks, he wrote the following message on his connectpal, moments earlier he claimed his connectpal was hacked and that all the content was removed.

Please take notice to the new email he is using. When he made the post on the sex video he used the . that people were complaining that that's the email they were contacting to send him the money for the content that was never delivered.


To us he once again told on himself, to have made that post with the preview of the gay fuck video with that email address to contact and then after he says he was hacked. So these hackers were in the room with you filming you fucking your boyfriend? How would they have been able to have that content if you never released it EVER until this week?


Screen Shot 2016 11 13 at 8.37.53 AM


From the message he wrote it clearly reads to us that he openly admitted to taking folks money and not giving them what they paid for. He clearly did not deny it.


The screen grab for the post he made on this:

tumblr oghcmsiMEA1qd5q8vo1 1280


When you think of if it, "It's not surprising that someone who photoshops his dick is a fraud".









Below you will find some inserts from a person who was allegedly scammed out of their money from TheFackelmayer.


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